Art with a heart and love for the planet

I'm silly, goofy, easy breezy & am someone's wife, someone's mama, someone's friend, someone's daughter, someone's sister. I LOVE-AH making people smile and laugh. I am nice to everyone I meet because I believe what goes around comes around.

I’ve been creating since I was first given crayons. Creative writing, poetry… creating ANYTHING is heaven to me. I went to school for computer science, but switched my 2nd semester of my junior year to Art History, which (lucky for me) forced me to explore my artistic talent and birthed things in me I didn’t know I had (one might call that fate).

I draw,paint, sew, make toys for my kids (stuffed toys), make educational activities, bead (just mostly, if I see it, I think I can make it and always try my hand at doing so!) Cardmaking has been with me for about 6 years now, after scrapbooking… I was left with a bunch of tiny bits I couldn’t throw away. Plus, cards in stores are nice, but how much nicer is it when it’s made by … ME! Hand made is always nice, because of the love and care creators put into their love.

My shop name came from one of my poems, which I PRAY will get published some time =D I opened up my shop when I was encouraged by loved ones to, "use your gift." So, I did as they, and The Lord told me to, and I couldn't be happier =D

I am my planet’s keeper. My family calls me the recycling nazi. I care about this ONE planet we were given (sue me!) so my paper creations are made from recycled paper and I try to use recycled products wherever I can, in my shop (and my every day life). I hope you reading this are also grateful for our planet, and try to be nice to it, whenever you can ;)

Enjoy this day! (because tomorrow is not promised)

-Crystal P.

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